Mysteries of the Moon

moon, exploration, baseA while back I posted a brain spill involving a  moon base, just to entertain you a bit – by teasing me about it if nothing else.  A brain spill is a snippet of a story, or potential story.  But reaction was good and I decided to explore developing the story further.  To do that, I needed information about the moon; its composition, its history, and a reason that mankind may want to have a presence there at all; other than setting records for the longest home run hit ever.

Of course I could just make up a bunch of stuff – it IS fiction after all – but I like to stay as close to truth as I can in fiction.  One of the questions I had is, “why does one side of the moon always face the Earth?” I theorized that perhaps the moon is not round, but lopsided, or egg shaped.  The large end of the egg would pull harder toward the Earth’s gravity.  I was pretty darn close!  I’ve turned up a lot of amazing facts.  Here are some of the more interesting study materials on the moon, it’s history and why it is the way it is. Continue reading “Mysteries of the Moon”