Ken Consaul is, like many writers, a man of diverse backgrounds.  He has been a custom home builder, general contractor, cabinet shop owner, restorer of classic cars, waterbed salesman, loan officer, and several less savory vocations we will not discuss. He is a painter and writer and makes reproduction antique furniture as a hobby.  He blogs on occasion at bonnershouse.com
Ken Consaul is the author of Bonner’s Road West, a family saga about two young people, their fortunes joined by the tragedy of a cholera outbreak.  Together they decide to continue on to Oregon with another party of emigrants.  They marry and, at Fort Laramie in Wyoming, hear tales of the discovery of gold in California.  They split from their party and form another, determined to make their fortune in the new territory. Serialized into five segments, Bonner’s Road West is available at Amazon.


It’s the middle of the night when inspiration jolts you awake.  What a great idea for a new writing project, you say.  Leaping from bed, you start writing down ideas so you don’t fall asleep and then forget everything by morning (BTDT).  The words line up effortlessly.  The sentences are concise, clever, and lead effortlessly to the next gem.  Finally, with notes appended for future scenes, the muse departs and you return to a self-satisfied rest.   Continue reading “AVOID LITEARY PRATFALLS”