Ken Consaul is, like many writers, a man of diverse backgrounds.  He has been a custom home builder, general contractor, cabinet shop owner, restorer of classic cars, waterbed salesman, loan officer, and several less savory vocations we will not discuss. He is a painter and writer and makes reproduction antique furniture as a hobby.  He blogs on occasion at bonnershouse.com
Ken Consaul is the author of Bonner’s Road West, a family saga about two young people, their fortunes joined by the tragedy of a cholera outbreak.  Together they decide to continue on to Oregon with another party of emigrants.  They marry and, at Fort Laramie in Wyoming, hear tales of the discovery of gold in California.  They split from their party and form another, determined to make their fortune in the new territory. Serialized into five segments, Bonner’s Road West is available at Amazon.


It’s the middle of the night when inspiration jolts you awake.  What a great idea for a new writing project, you say.  Leaping from bed, you start writing down ideas so you don’t fall asleep and then forget everything by morning (BTDT).  The words line up effortlessly.  The sentences are concise, clever, and lead effortlessly to the next gem.  Finally, with notes appended for future scenes, the muse departs and you return to a self-satisfied rest.   Continue reading “AVOID LITEARY PRATFALLS”

Jedi Mind Twits: Messaging

twitter, peeps, shout-outTwitter is all about sending brief messages to others, but what you send, how you send it and why can be tricky to learn.  Here are some pointers starting with the basics and moving into some lesser known tid-bits.

Twitter offers two types of message: a tweet and a Direct Message (DM).  Tweets are visible to the public DM’s are private communications between two users.

Direct Messages

Direct messages you receive from others are listed on the Messages tab on your Twitter home page.  A chronological list (newest on top) is displayed on the left, a reader panel on the right.  Click a sender to read the direct messages to and from that sender. 

In the Account Settings (click your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then Settings, then Notifications) you may choose to have a copy of your DMs sent to your e-mail address.  These include a link that will take you back to Twitter to reply to the DM if you like.  Continue reading “Jedi Mind Twits: Messaging”

Twitter Education

Are you an author looking for ways to market your book(s)?  Do you want to use Twitter but are not sure how to use it effectively?  If so here are some great information resources.  The first section came from Joanna Penn’s post on Social Networking for Authors and she offers some do’s and don’ts as well, so be sure to stop in there too.  These are great places to further your Twitucation.

Some Useful Posts on Twitter

Looking for info on how to use Twitter?  Here are my articles from nuts & bolts to Jedi mind twits.


Stepping up to a 3D Book Cover

Writing for Profit or Pleasure: Where to Sell Your Work - book imageToday I took the next step in the full-publication process of my latest book. That step being to produce a PDF version that I can sell on my web site. Most people who buy and read PDF books are accustomed to seeing snazzy, 3D book cover images that look like a photo of a real book. So the flat 2D image that I’ve been using in the bookstores isn’t going to be quite good enough if I want to look “professional” as an author of PDF books. But, I can’t spend $700 on Photoshop (the most popular software for doing this) nor do I have the time to learn it even if I could afford it.  So I went looking for alternatives.

I found a bunch.  Several were plugins for Photoshop to make setting that up easier – no good if you don’t have Photoshop. {Gong} They’re disqualified.  Continue reading “Stepping up to a 3D Book Cover”