Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption

Lancelot's new family, pet adoption
Our friend Lancelot and his new family

If you are thinking about acquiring a furry companion, pet rescues and shelters are filled with animals waiting to be adopted. Giving a new forever home to a rescued pet is a big decision. You want to give him a loving home and the best care possible. Pet adoption is lots of fun, but it does take planning and research.

You may ask yourself: How does it work? How do you choose the right pet? Where can I find a rescue or shelter near me? How does the adoption process work? The folks at HomeoAnimal.com know you’ve got many questions on adoption, and have put the answers together for you! They have created “The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption”. This guide is comprised of articles that will teach you everything you need to know In order to write this guide, more than 200 rescue groups and shelters across America were asked to give you their best advice and tips on pet adoption. We thank all the rescues and shelters that have collaborated with this guide and helped HomeoAnimals transmit an important message to all those who wish to adopt an animal. This would not have been possible without that valuable support. Check out the topics and questions these articles address:

Adopting a pet is a wonderful thing. Whether you’d like to adopt a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a ferret or any other animal, you want to make sure you consider all that it takes to become a good and caring pet owner. Find out all about pet adoption in this book and you will be able to start enjoying a brand new lifelong friendship with your new pet.

Disclaimer: This guide is intended to provide you with the information you need to make better decisions about pet adoption. The views and opinions in this guide have tried to regroup the general procedure of pet adoption, but remember that all animals, rescues and shelters are unique. Therefore, pet adoption will be different for each animal, rescue and shelter. However, we have made every effort to be truthful, fair and accurate when we wrote this guide. HomeoAnimal has used all reasonable care in compiling the information from the interviewed rescues and shelters but make no warranty as to its accuracy. We recommend contacting your local rescue or shelter to help assist you in making your final decision.

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