Call of the Coffeemaker

Five high-pitched beeps, each just short of a second long, sounding in regular succession. This is preceded by a gurgling sound that I don’t always hear. That depends on where I am. The beeps, however, are just piercing enough that I will hear them. Five electronic beeps that sing a melody-less song of hope. Signaling […]

Bernie’s Encounter

He stood, transfixed, heart pounding, staring up at where the man-creature disappeared as four of the men in dark suits split up and ran to surround the building.  Two others approached him. “’Scuse me son, we need to talk to you about what just happened here.” said the big one. “Talk … me?” Their arrival […]

Black Box Blues

Black Box Blues is a sci-fi short story about a family whose starcar breaks down in a back-water solar system and are forced to seek help from the locals to get on their way again. Published Mar. 17, 2016 by Reader’s Gazette. Just as we emerged from the gateway two indicators came to life on […]

The Vagabond’s Dog

I recently posted an article on how dogs are used to sniff out fear and stress in order to stop panic attacks, P.T.S.D. episodes, or persecuted school kids flipping out. Aside from being an interesting topic all on it’s own, this is of particular interest to me because I’ve started a new book that uses […]

Howling in the Night

“Ticky-tack, ticky-tack, ticky-tack”. The sound alerted that small portion of my brain that remains on-duty while the rest of me sleeps, “Strange sound! What is that?” Sentry queries Main Brain. Memories are searched, the reply comes back, “Small-dog claws clattering on the granite-like tiles of the hallway. Someone is up. Must be Kathy.” “Is that […]