Four Flash Fiction Fixes

One of the first known usages of the term “flash fiction” in reference to the literary style was the 1992 anthology Flash Fiction: Seventy-Two Very Short Stories.  Editor James Thomas stated that the editors’ definition of a “flash fiction” was a story that would fit on two facing pages of a typical digest-sized literary magazine[1]. […]

Difficult Voices: Second Person in Fiction – Bully

Second Person as a writing voice is quite common in non-fiction, particularly instructive non-fiction: “First you do this, then you do that, make sure you haven’t forgotten to lock down the sniggletharp.”  Sometimes the ‘you’ is implied, “Insert tab A into slot B and twist to lock”.  But second person, though uncommon, can also be […]

Sci-Fi Sample – Dalotek Base

The doors slid aside and Doctor Forrester followed Colonel Stryker off the lift. “I am truly impressed, Colonel, with your base. It is absolutely amazing what can be done with enough tax payer dollars!” The stern faced Colonel just nodded. “I understand now why you were so adamant that we keep our distance when we […]

Star Trek Economics – A Lesson in World Building

This morning my wife, Marie, and I were talking economics over breakfast.  This was not the stereotypical husband/wife economics discussion, which usually seems to be about how high the bills are and which one of them is going to sell a kidney to pay those bills.  No, we were actually talking “economics” when out of […]