Bernie’s Encounter

He stood, transfixed, heart pounding, staring up at where the man-creature disappeared as four of the men in dark suits split up and ran to surround the building.  Two others approached him. “’Scuse me son, we need to talk to you about what just happened here.” said the big one. “Talk … me?” Their arrival […]

Black Box Blues

Black Box Blues is a sci-fi short story about a family whose starcar breaks down in a back-water solar system and are forced to seek help from the locals to get on their way again. Published Mar. 17, 2016 by Reader’s Gazette. Just as we emerged from the gateway two indicators came to life on […]

Movie Review: The Thing From Another World

This week’s Schlocky Sci-Fi Friday Movie was one of our favorites; a timeless classic: The Thing From Another World. Arctic researchers witness the crash of what they determine to be a UFO.  When they investigate the crash they find and retrieve a large humanoid alien who had been embedded in the ice.  Assuming the thing […]

Sweet Shot

I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since the first movie hit the screens in 1977.  So when I came across this sweet nostalgic shot of the Star Wars cast (except C3-PO) I just had to share it.  I’m not sure of the original source… that’s the way it is with stuff on the Internet. […]

Firefly Reborn

September 30th, 2015 was the 10th anniversary of the release of the movie Serenity (wow, has it been 10 years already?) Though it was canceled after a single season, Whedon has said that Firefly is his favorite creation.  The series inspired intense fan devotion, and fan devotion is exactly what Whedon credited for its 2005 […]