The Self-Balancing Unicycle

Are you hankering for a compact, ecologically smart form of transportation that requires less work and hassle than a bicycle? Do you want something that can be maneuvered easily and parked anywhere – even in your living room, or entry hall? Remember George Jetson’s sky car that folded up into a briefcase? This self-balancing unicycle is almost as good.

Focus Designs, maker of the Segway, has come up with an electrically powered vehicle that fills all these requirements and is only half as dorky as a Segway.

Self-Balancing Unicycle
Self Balancing Unicycle (SBU)This self balancing unicycle (both it’s name and what it does – very practical!) uses three gyroscopes to maintain an upright condition and a battery powered accelerometer motor tucked away in the hub of the wheel to produce a light weight, highly maneuverable and totally non-polluting personal transportation device.

Putting the motor in the hub means no troublesome drive chains and a lowered center of gravity over the Version 1 model, and the power as been increased from 350 watts to 1,000 watts so it has the power to easily climb hills.

Sophisticated algorithms and three gyroscopes wired to the wheel help the rider stay upright. To go faster, lean forward a little, to slow down or stop, lean back; it’s just that simple. It usually takes only about 20 minutes for a new rider to learn to control the SBU.

The low-mounted, folding foot pegs make control and comfort while riding quite easy. It’s great for students who want convenient campus transportation, or for commuters who want a “Last Mile” option for getting from the parking lot or public transit station to their destination. It’s also pretty good for getting a little attention on a leisurely ride through the park!

Can you “wipe out” on an SBU? Well, sure! But you can do that on a bicycle, or a motorcycle or even in a car if you’re not careful.

Interested? Here’s the best part: this SBU with 1,000 Watt Hub Motor, 38.4V 5Ah LiFePO4 Battery, Comes fully assembled with charger and 1 year warranty for under $1,500 USD.

The only drawback I can see is that there is no place haul home a weeks worth of groceries and trucking home a load of 2x4s could be tricky.

MythBuster Adam Savage takes Version 1 for a spin.

“Much sexier than a Segway”

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