Difficult Does Not Mean Impossible

Difficult does not mean impossibleAll too many times we look at a situation or task and say, “That’s impossible”, but what we really mean to say is “that’s too difficult for me” because there have been many times that the impossible only remained impossible until someone did it.

At one time, the “experts” insisted that man could not fly.  Then others invented the hot air balloon and the airplane.  Then the experts insisted that the airplane would never fly faster than the speed of sound.  Then others developed sleeker plane bodies and stronger materials, and now jet fighters routinely fly faster than sound.  There are so many examples where greater understanding made the impossible possible.  But someone had to believe it was possible and work hard to find the way.

I know a couple of fellas: Dan Netherland and his son Chad who hold numerous Guinness World Records for feats of strength and doing what others could not.  Both will tell you that they accomplished this through training and perseverance.  Hard work.

J.K. Rowling (an author you may be aware of) gave a commencement speech at Harvard University in 2008 in which she lauded the benefits of failure and hard work.  In case you missed it:

You and I may not be revolutionary aircraft designers, or superhuman, or billionaire authors (yet), in fact we may often look at the road ahead and lament, “Oh, this is impossible!”  But, we can look around and see that the impossible is done on a regular basis.  Doing the impossible — even when it’s a matter of being so for me, given my circumstances and skills — doesn’t mean it can’t be done: just that it takes more work than would something easier.

If it is really important, don’t give up.  Don’t get sidetracked.  Don’t allow set-backs to dissuade you.  Thomas Edison is quoted, in regards to the light bulb, as saying, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  Eventually, he found a way that did work and accomplished the impossible.  So can we.

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