Each Day is a Sentence

each day is a sentenceEach day in our life is important and it’s a shame that we waste so many of them. I’m guilty too, we all are. Occasionally I read about some extraordinary person who claims to live every day to its fullest, wasting nothing. The most successful people around claim to wring the most out of every hour.

I don’t know that it’s necessary for everyone to be one of these Ultra-A Types, but we do need to be aware that each day of life is important. Each day becomes part of the foundation upon which our tomorrows are built. Each day we add another piece to the structure. We choose whether the day will be one of regrets, accomplishment, or sloth.  As we build, we shape the eventual outcome.

Yes, outside forces work upon our lives but no matter what situation comes up we decide how to react to it. Do we look for the good in a situation that appears negative? Do we ignore the small blessings that pop up along our walk? Or do we look for the blessings, enjoy the moments, and focus less on driving full-force toward some distant goal?

Ambition is a double-edged sword: it does provide the drive to do your best and work toward a goal, but it also can rob you of your contentment along the way. If, one day, you reach your goal and can stand on the pinnacle to shout, “I MADE IT!”, will you look back at years of life and see that you missed out on so much along the way?

Humans are rarely content for long. Once you reach that pinnacle you will soon be looking for a higher one. And another, and another. Attaining goals is a fine thing, if you have also lived each day to its fullest as you went. A goal has little meaning: it is the journey you take in getting there that is important.

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