Years End

It is that time of year when folks tend to wax reflective: looking back over the past year and forming lists of accomplishments (or failures, depending on your mental set) reviewing lists of top movies, songs, memes, and popular people. Or most unpopular people, depending on your mental set.

I’ll not do that this year.  In years past I have catalogued successes and failures with the intent of using those to chart a course into the new year.  Forging out a plan of action to get me and my affairs where I want them to be by the end of the coming year.  But in truth, that doesn’t work.  Things change so fast that any course I set has to be kept general; sort of a “Let’s go over yonder”sort of thing.  Pick a direction, but don’t try to schedule ports of call and dates.  They won’t be there.  Keep the spyglass at hand to help see what lies ahead and keep to a general compass course, but be equally as prepared for storms as you are for smooth sailing.  Provision where you can.  Enjoy what ports of call offer.  Be vigilant for pirates.  But don’t get hung up on timing.

For the past seven years Marie and I have been involved in Canine Rescue.  Each year that effort has grown in size and complexity.  This year we built a new kennel building and took our mom-n-pop operation to a new level as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.  This was not easy.  It may be easy if you hire a lawyer who is familiar with the ins and outs of the process, but we couldn’t do that, that’s expensive.  I spent months researching the process, then taking it step by step, patiently and in the order they must be taken.  And in October of 2019 we were awarded 501(c)(3) Public Charity status by the IRS.  Not only that, but we also achieved tax free status with the state.  Not all non-profits do.  This allows us to buy supplies for Piney Mountain Foster Care without paying sales taxes.  In our location, that means saving almost 10% on our costs, right there.

As we go into the new year my biggest challenge is going to be remembering that I am no longer the commander of this ship.  I’m more of an engineer, tinkering away to keep the machinery working smoothly.  At the helm is a Board of Directors –good people all, people I know and trust.  But it is no longer just Marie and me bare boating it around the sea of life.

Together we have pointed the bow in a particular direction and together we will go, “over yonder”,  wherever that may end up being.  That is up to God: for He determines the wind and waves and has arranged the islands and continents that we will discover on our journey.

I will, as a rule, not be writing about Piney Mountain Foster Care here on Random Thoughts.  PMFC has its own web site and its own mailing list.  If you are interested in that, please pop over there to look around and sign up for the emails.  Thank you and may you enjoy clear sailing in the year ahead.

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