Each Day is a Sentence

Each day in our life is important and it’s a shame that we waste so many of them. I’m guilty too, we all are. Occasionally I read about some extraordinary person who claims to live every day to its fullest, wasting nothing. The most successful people around claim to wring the most out of every […]

Difficult Does Not Mean Impossible

All too many times we look at a situation or task and say, “That’s impossible”, but what we really mean to say is “that’s too difficult for me” because there have been many times that the impossible only remained impossible until someone did it. At one time, the “experts” insisted that man could not fly.  […]

Mog’s Christmas That Almost Wasn’t

You know how some commercials just make you smile?  Budweiser has produced many of their Clydesdale based advertisements that have warmed my heart.  I came across this Christmas ad from Sainsbury recently and found it humorous and heart warming. Published on Nov 12, 2015: the new Sainsbury’s Christmas Advertisement presents a CGI version of Mog […]

Facing Fear

Someone is getting in some target practice with what sounds like a civil war cannon.  As the BOOM rolls around the valley, Blondie goes nuts.  She is filled with fear by gun fire, thunder, firecrackers, cars back-firing … you get the idea.  When we encounter such things she attaches herself to me.  If I’m sitting […]

Gray Morn

The day breaks soft and gray outside the window.  Trees fade into obscurity within short distance.  What passes for a sky, a pewter bowl; featureless and unbroken, just above treetops.  The air, pregnant with moisture, will soon give birth to a misty rain. A fitting analogy for life: the past fades into the mists of […]