Taken By Aliens!

The Dogtor is in

We, as a family, watch old sci-fi movies on Friday evenings. The old stuff is family friendly but can still have an effect on one’s thinking.

After we saw Marie off to work this morning, I went over to feed and care for the Rowdy Boys, like I do every morning. Lancelot and Blondie decided to go along.

Doug's officeAfter feeding and watering them and cleaning up their pens, I cleaned up the play yard and put away the equipment. Then I went into my office, which is in an old mobile home that serves as workshop, kennel, potting shed, storage, and office space. Lancelot and Blondie wanted to come along. There is a futon mattress on the floor of the office for dogs to rest on and a big water dispenser, so I’m always happy for the company of a well behaved pooch.

Lancelot settled in on the bed, and Blondie stood watch at the big window in the tool room while I worked at the computer for about an hour. When my work was done, I said, “You kids want to go home?”