Janet Rides, Blondie Mourns

foster dogs, dogs, janetThis morning Janet was loaded into the truck to accompany Marie into town. Janet will be getting her first Immeticide shot today to kill her heartworms. Blondie was on the porch watching. As Marie pulled out Blondie stood and made her low, mournful “ArrrooOOOmmm” sound several times (it’s similar to the sound of a cow lowing). I assumed she wanted to go for a ride too, except she made no attempt to get off the porch, and she never goes to work with Marie. She should not expect that.

Belle: Foster Dog

Belle’s story is a sad one.  She had a checkered history before she came here.  We found her to be cuddly and companionable, never aggressive.  She was heartworm positive and here for treatment.  I took her to the shelter so the vet there could give her the first injection, but she reacted to the needle stick by snapping at the vet, so he ordered Belle destroyed.

We were devastated.