The Dogtor is in

This morning, Blondie (as usual) came with me when I came out out into the yard to feed and exercise The Rowdy Boys. They ate their kibbles then had a nice long run and were finally worn out and ready for cookies. Once they were back in their pens I asked Blondie if she wanted to come into the shop with me. “No thanks” she said, “the weather is nice yet and I want to sit in the yard and enjoy it.”

Doug’s Office Workstation

Doing all my “work” in my office used to be my standard arrangement: work was done in the office; when I went home, I was “off-duty”. But then I was mostly doing woodworking. Since I turned more to writing, it’s harder to schedule “work” times for I am often hit by a sudden idea that needs to be put down ASAP. And our house is a lot more pleasant and comfortable than my crowded, grungy office space in the workshop.

Two days ago our area was experiencing power blips: off-on, off-on real quick several times, followed by a 30 minute power outage. Perhaps coincidentally (but perhaps not) when the power came back on we had no LAN access in the house.