Blondie Bear and the 50 Strays of Grey Contest

Over the past weekend I entered each of our current 5 dogs (all rescues through the Dr.Carol Hood Memorial Animal Shelter) into the Rescue Pups 50 Strays of Grey photo contest by selecting a photo of each that best represents the personality of that dog.

On Monday I was greeted by the following notice on Twitter:

Rescue Pups@maxandkota 8 hours ago

Check out the #1 entry in our 50 Strays of Grey Contest
@DougBittinger: #RescuePups #50StraysofGrey Blondie Bear ”

Blondie and Boomer Noises

I was using our rowing machine when I heard a big, muffled, “BOOOOM” off in the distance. There are three rock quarry’s in this valley and sometimes they use explosives to loosen up part of their mountain for easier excavation. Blondie hates boomer noises.

Within nanoseconds Blondie was at my elbow with big round eyes. “Dougie, Dougie, Dougie: boomer noises, Dougie! I don’t like boomer noises. May I please sit on your lap, Dougie? Please may I sit on your lap while you ride that thing?”