Twas a Dark and Rainy Morning

Wants out on a rainy day
Kathy sitting at the door asking to be let outside.

Kathy (the new little foster dog) wanted to go outside this morning, in the dark and in the rainy weather. With her it’s hard to say if she needs to go outside because she needs to “go” or because she wants to play around and hunt. She had been living the free-and-easy life for a while, just doing what she wanted when she wanted because no one was looking after her.

Marie let her out.

Kathy is the smallest dog we have fostered. I have been adamant about going out with her when she went, to keep an eye on her. I’m not at all certain she can’t squeeze out through gaps between gate and post in the fencing. Marie did not go out with her and I was contemplating whether I should put shoes on and go out after her — in my pajamas, in the rain. I decided since it was rainy, she probably would not stay out long.

Fresh Dirt and Dogs

The Dogtor is in

The low corner of our fenced-in yard is occupied by a large oak tree. Under that tree is so shady that no grass will grow there, but it is a nice cool spot for the dogs to hang out in.

Over the past summer dirt washed down by rain and filtered out by leaves and sticks that build up along the fence has been building up into a raised pad in the lowest corner. It got to where the pad was 6 or 7 inches thick out against the fence, making the 5 foot high fence only 4½ feet tall and a possible escape route for a big determined dig. Or if not an actual escape route an opportunity to get hurt by trying.

So I dug out all the built-up dirt and hauled it off to fill in ruts and holes.

This morning Cochise discovered the refurbished area and spent most of the morning laying there. I told him, “This whole area is dirt, Chief.”

“Yeah, but this is FRESH dirt, it smells GREAT!”

Silly boy.

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A Chilly Monday Morning

Cochise tells the tale

It’s Monday. That means the weekend fun is over and a new work week has begun.

Last night HairyFace and NiceLady watched a race, as they often do on Sunday evening, we all ate in the living room and after dinner Blondie and I got special Sunday Treats. This time we got knotty bones. We LOVE knotty bones!