Cochise’s Bedtime Dilemma

Last night Cochise had a bedtime dilemma.

Cochise and Blondie Bear are permanent residents. Tinker, Jasmine and Gator are foster dogs. We offer multiple dog beds but who sleeps on what can be kind of fluid during the day and evening. Everyone is okay with that.

bedtime dilemma, blondie on futonIn the living room are a pair of beds made from a donated futon pad. These are favored when Marie and I are in the living room or kitchen, and are big enough that they can be shared when necessary.

bedtime dilemma, blondie Gator share abed

At bedtime, however, each dog has a definite preference.

Christmas in the Dog House

In many homes Christmas morning is met with the squeals and giggles of children tearing wrapping paper to discover what treasures hide within.  At our house it’s a little … different.

When Marie and I  got home from church we walked down to my Mom’s house where we met up with my brother and sister-in-law who drove in from South Carolina for Christmas lunch.  She runs a restaurant  and brought the food.  A tasty meal and a good visit with family we don’t get to see often.

Then Marie and I returned to our house to open presents with The Kids.  There was no wrapping paper on their gifts (much of that is toxic if eaten), but they didn’t mind.  Wrapping paper just confuses them.

The squeaker squirrel was a special gift intended for Tinker (because he does SO love squeaker toys) so we rescued it from Jazzy before she could do it harm and gave it to Tinker.  It instantly became his favorite toy!

Gator the Adventurous Pibble

Gator is an adventurer.

GatorHe lived with a family before, but they weren’t around enough to suit Gator. Gator is also a pit bull. That term strikes fear into some people, but that is due to misinformation. In fact that term isn’t even a breed of dog: just a label hung on any dog with a short, muscular build and blocky head. Through this, and breed specific legislation, much harm is done in the name of ignorance. The proper name for this dog is Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and they are historically superb family dogs. At one time they were called Nanny Dogs, not Pit Bull, and were the favored choice as a companion animal for a family’s children. But I digress.

Being a Staffie, Gator needs a lot of attention and affection. He is happy to give the same, as well. He apparently wasn’t getting that where he was living and be broke out of his fencing and went adventuring.

Tinker Takes the Sofa After Squeakasaurous Incident

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

It was a couple of nights before Tinker got his HW treatment.  NiceLady was looking for Tinker.  He was not in his usual spot in the hallway.  She checked the snuggle beds in the bedroom, she checked in the den, she checked the futon beds in the picture box watching room, she checked the blankets around the eating table.

No Tinker.

She turned on a lamp … there he was!  Too well camouflaged to see in the semi-dark.

In our house we have a “no dogs on the people furniture” rule.  It’s only fair: they have a sofa, a chair and a bed.  We have like 6 snuggle beds and an assortment of blankets scattered around the house.

But earlier that evening Tinker had been playing with the squeakasaurus:

The Pibble House-guest

Vega is a Pibble. A Pibble that was rescued from the local shelter. A rescued Pibble that was sent to a foster home to be loved and cared for until the Rescue can find him a Forever Home.

Unfortunately, Vega chose not to remain in his kennel at his foster home. He decided to go have himself a walk-about. That was not in his care plan!

So Vega came to stay with us just until his pen could be repaired and reinforced to prevent future walk-abouts.

His first evening here, he stayed outdoors in his pen. He didn’t want to stay in his pen, he wanted to go on a walk-about and he tried to make a hole to fulfill that desire. HairyFace caught him, patched the damage and said, “Do not do that. Bad boy.”

Vega watched intently as Hairy undid what Vega had done. He made no attempt to interfere, just watched and emitted a soft, low growl. Not aggression, just telling Hairy that he did not appreciate the intervention.

But he has since stayed in his kennel.  Mostly.

Life at The Rock

We hit our high temp for the day (38°) at 5:30 a.m. – it’s gonna be THAT kind of day today.  But it IS December, so we have to expect a few of those now and then.  The weather guessers are saying that tomorrow night we could get down in the teens, so I’m going to spend some time shutting off outside water and draining hoses.  Then we have to find a way to pack 6 large dogs into our small house for a night or two to ride out the cold snap.

For those who don’t know, Marie and I are engaged in canine rescue and fostering. We have fenced in a large (1/3 acre) play yard and have two 10’ x 10’ pens with roofs, pea gravel floors and igloo style dog houses. We have adopted two of our foster dogs, Blondie Bear and Cochise, who serve as mentors to the other foster dogs. At the moment we have another 4 fosters ranging from 50-ish pounds to around 80 pounds. The two biggest fosters (80 lbs: Gator and Vega) are residing in the outdoor kennels. Tinker is a full-fledged house dog, Jasmine is in training and doing well.  Our latest addition is Vega.