We Wish You a Doggy Christmas

Cochise tells the tale

Even though it is Christmas day, HairyFace returned to his habit of getting up at 4:00 AM and studying. He has been forgoing that so Roger would not get all riled up, thrash about in his crate and wake up the whole household. Roger has been calming down, so we thought we’d give it a try today. I always get up when HairyFace does. Well, almost always.

Roger being good Christmas morning.

Roger did VERY well! He did wake and stand up as we came down the hall, but when HairyFace bypassed his crate with just a “Good morning, Roger!” he laid back down and napped some more. He stayed quiet until NiceLady and Blondie joined us and HairyFace started breakfast: poached eggs, ham and fried taters – from our garden. Yumm! I like all those things.

HairyFace and NiceLady always give us Christmas gifts. This year HairyFace decided to wrap them so we could join in the fun of opening presents. We found that a little … confusing.

Swapping Christmas giftsAfter a while of chewing hoofies, Blondie and I swapped: just to make sure what she got wasn’t better than mine and what I got wasn’t better than hers. Once we were satisfied as to the overall equity of our gifts we swapped back.

Roger worked on his steadily for a quite a while, then had to take a break to let his jaws cool off. He napped for a bit, went outside with NiceLady for a relief break, then went back to chewing.

Cochise as a Christmas giftWhen I got tired of chewing, I decided to go be a Christmas gift, now that there is room under the tree. We’ll skip that wrapping paper though, if you don’t mind!

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