Janet Rides, Blondie Mourns

foster dogs, dogs, janetThis morning Janet was loaded into the truck to accompany Marie into town. Janet will be getting her first Immeticide shot today to kill her heartworms. Blondie was on the porch watching. As Marie pulled out Blondie stood and made her low, mournful “ArrrooOOOmmm” sound several times (it’s similar to the sound of a cow lowing). I assumed she wanted to go for a ride too, except she made no attempt to get off the porch, and she never goes to work with Marie. She should not expect that.

Blondie, Cochise and I went for a walk around the property (border patrol) then they went back to the porch to watch while I worked the garden.

foster dogs, dogs, blondieWhen I returned with the morning’s harvest I offered to let them come inside. Blondie always likes to help out in the kitchen. Except today. She and Cochise both refused to come in. They just lay on the porch watching. Blondie watched down the driveway, Cochise was on the other end of the porch watching over the side yard and garden. I think they’re upset that Janet left. They will be very relieved when I go get her this afternoon.

Marie reports that as soon as they walked in the door at the shelter Janet had 6 people rubbing her belly and fawning all over her. She has that effect on people.

She’ll repeat the process tomorrow for her second shot, then will be quite sick for a few days and will be on restricted activity for a month. THAT will be a challenge: Janet likes to run and play with Blondie. But we have been acclimating her to her crate and introducing her to life in Cochise’s House and to “being good” while we’re all in my office together. She will be staying with us in the house (crated) for a while so we can monitor her and keep her company while she’s so sick. Life will slowly return to normal as she recovers.

Then, we hope she will find a forever home where she can live and love and be loved as she deserves. She’s an affectionate and devoted lil gal who gives us very little trouble. She trains easily and will make someone a really good pet.

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