Blondie and Boomer Noises

I was using our rowing machine when I heard a big, muffled, “BOOOOM” off in the distance. There are three rock quarry’s in this valley and sometimes they use explosives to loosen up part of their mountain for easier excavation. Blondie hates boomer noises.

Within nanoseconds Blondie was at my elbow with big round eyes. “Dougie, Dougie, Dougie: boomer noises, Dougie! I don’t like boomer noises. May I please sit on your lap, Dougie? Please may I sit on your lap while you ride that thing?”

“No, Baby Girl, you weigh 90 pounds, that would not work.”

“Please, please may I sit on your lap? I’ll curl up in a little ball. Please?”

“I’m almost done Baby Girl, just wait a minute.”

She started poking my elbow with her nose, “Will you scratch my head, Dougie? Please scratch my head.”

I finished up and we went back into the other room. Fortunately I’ve learned to type with one hand when the other is busy consoling a companion.

I know I’m not supposed to do this, but could YOU deny this face?

Blondie hates Boomer Noises

Redirecting her fear of boomer noises by turning a storm into a game or covering the noises with other sound does not work. Their ears are very sensitive and she can and will pick out the sound even over a loud radio. If it’s a classical station I must make sure they don’t play the 1812 Overture! Whatever the root of her fear is, it’s deep seated. Redirection may work with a puppy, but she’s old enough to have ingrained patterns.

Sometimes I do try to distract her with a toy or by building her a hidey-hole but it seems I always end up with a 90 pound yellow dog on my lap.

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