Callie Complies

Cochise, Callie conforms
Cochise tells the tale

Callie was sleeping on the cushy quilt-topped dog bed HairyFace made for her in the den. She follows him around like a shadow, so he accommodates her when he’s “at work”. I came in and looked at her bed and said, “That looks pretty comfy, Callie. I’d like to try that out.”

No response.

“I’m the Big Dog here, you need to move.”

So Callie moved … over.

I looked at her, looked at the open space on the bed, “Good enough.” and I curled up beside her.

Callie just smiled. Callie is sweet on me, getting to snuggle together is a treat for us both, although I won’t admit to that. I’m The Big Dog, I’m stoic.


When we all went out to the food room so HairyFace could fix our morning meal, Callie claimed Josephine’s blanket at the table and said, “I’ll be a good girl: you don’t need to feed me in my crate.” I believed that she would too, so I encouraged Hairy to let her try as I settled on my blanket. He took my advice.

When the meal was served, she ate her kibbles and made no attempt to get at ours. She took her time at it too … like Blondie and me. Josie and Buddy wolf theirs down. Josie runs around to see if we have any left, but doesn’t try to get at them, so she gets to eat at the table with us. Buddy is a pig-dog, he has to eat in his crate or he’ll be in our dishes and trying to raid the table too.

After the meal, Hairy and NiceLady read a bit out of a big black book and talk. We may leave when we’re done eating, or stay and hope. I stayed for a while, then left to claim the best cushy spot I could find. The girls all stayed.

Blondie and Josie watched birds out the window. Callie sat by Hairy, staring, hoping he’d give her some morsel, but being absolutely non-intrusive. Callie gets a gold star for meal manners!

Work Begins

After Hairy cleared the table, and NiceLady went off to her work, Hairy went in to start on his work. I was already in there. Hairy had re-done Callie’s bed and I’d claimed it. The new version is not as sprawling: room for one big dog. Me.

So HairyFace brought Callie’s cushy blanket from her crate and another snuggle bed from the picture box watching room and made a nice spot for Callie near his chair. Josephine hopped right in there, “Mine!”. Josie is Apprentice Big Dog, so she thinks that gives her privileges.

Taking two counts of bed theft in stride

Callie stared at her a moment, then without so much as a grumble stepped in and curled up beside her. Everyone has a spot, everyone is happy (Buddy is in his deep-dish snuggle bed in the sleeping room – that’s where he is happiest, Blondie is still bird watching). And Hairy may begin his work. All is well — until something bears barking at.

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