Christmas in the Dog House

In many homes Christmas morning is met with the squeals and giggles of children tearing wrapping paper to discover what treasures hide within.  At our house it’s a little … different.

When Marie and I  got home from church we walked down to my Mom’s house where we met up with my brother and sister-in-law who drove in from South Carolina for Christmas lunch.  She runs a restaurant  and brought the food.  A tasty meal and a good visit with family we don’t get to see often.

Then Marie and I returned to our house to open presents with The Kids.  There was no wrapping paper on their gifts (much of that is toxic if eaten), but they didn’t mind.  Wrapping paper just confuses them.

The squeaker squirrel was a special gift intended for Tinker (because he does SO love squeaker toys) so we rescued it from Jazzy before she could do it harm and gave it to Tinker.  It instantly became his favorite toy!

He kept it with him all afternoon.  Jasmine attempted to steal it from him a few times which earned a stern warning from him.

It’s bed time now, Gator and Vega are in their crates in the living area (living room, kitchen, dining area are all essentially one large space), Tinker is in the den.  He prefers to snooze in the hallway but has learned that sleeping there in the dark can be hazardous.  He has taken to sleeping in the doorway of the den, where he can still see everything but not be underfoot.  Jasmine is in her crate in the bedroom, Cochise and Blondie Bear are on their snuggle beds at the foot of our bed.

As we drift off to sleep we hear a soft “squeak … squeak, squeak … … squeak” issuing from the den.  He does love that squirrel!

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