Cochise Gets TLC at TSC

Cochise tells the tale

It was a bright and sunny Saturday, a perfect day to go for a ride in the truck. And since my kibble bucket was almost empty, it was also a perfect time for that truck ride to take us to Tractor Supply Company. So I paced and humphed while Hairy Face and Nice Lady got themselves ready to go.

Cochise, dogs, riding, tractor supplyOnce we were in the truck I used my most adorable “pleeeese” face to get Nice Lady to let me sit up front and her to ride in the back, it didn’t work, but she had just washed the big pillows that go on the floor back here so it was not only cushy, but fresh smelling.

cochise, dogs, ride, tractor supply
Now THAT’S what I call a door greeter!

When we got to the store, a nice gal came right out to greet me and welcome me inside. She even gave me some treats to eat.

cochise, truck, ride, tractor supply
Nooo, I don’t like it. Let’s go, let’s go!

We wandered around for a while, looking at things. Hairy seemed to think I would be interested in this rocky-thing because it kind of looked like me, but I wasn’t – it was creeping me out. Besides, I knew where I wanted to go and kept trying to steer them into the proper aisle.

cochise, truck, ride, tractor supplyYes! Finally! This is the aisle I like best: yum! Now, which one do I want to take home this time: so many delicious-looking choices!

cochise, truck ride, tractor supply kibblesThen we went over to the kibble aisle. My Peoples tried to get me to help pick out the kind I wanted, but I kept telling them I’d much rather have a bowl of cookies every day. The cookies come in big bags too, just get one of those.

So Hairy loaded a bag of kibbles (darn!) on a rolly-thing and we headed back toward the front. On the way I met several Peoples. Almost all of them were nice to me; most told me what a handsome boy I am, some stopped to scratch my head. The only ones who weren’t nice were a couple with a rolly-thing loaded up with kitty litter. Humph, cat peoples.

When we got up front I met an Australian Sheppard named Fly. Nice dog, but she did the silliest thing. The gal who met me at the door would throw a ball down an aisle and Fly would run after it, pick it up and BRING IT BACK! I don’t understand that. She threw it, SHE should have to go get it.

Curry has started doing the same thing. We go to the play yard each evening; Hairy, Lady, Curry and I. Sometimes Lady throws a ball and says, “Go get it!” and “Bring it back.” And he does! He runs after it, picks it up and thinks it’s just the greatest thing in the world to give it back to her so she will throw it again. I don’t understand it, but I’ll have a talk with Curry one of these days about proper, dignified, dog behavior.

cochise, truck ride, tractor supply, treats, Lady put the treats I picked out for Curry and me up on a counter, so I stood up to tell the guy there that these were mine but Lady would have to pay for them because I don’t have any pockets. He gave me little treats to eat, too.

cochise, truck ride, tractor supply, front seatHairy and I went back out to the truck, Lady walked next door to the City of Food place to get each of us a drink. I climbed in the back but then hopped right between the seats, “Shotgun! I claimed it, this is my seat. Lady will just have to ride in the back.”

That didn’t go over very well when she got there and they both tried to get me to go in back. “Nuh-uh, not going.” So we compromised and we both sat in the front seat. I like to sit on Lady’s lap at home; this was kind of like that. I don’t think it would work for a very long trip, bit it was OK for a short jaunt.

cochise, truck ride, tractor supply, nap timeWhen we got home I was all tuckered out. What an exciting day! Hairy unloaded the truck and carried it all inside. Lady and I stretched out in the living room to take a nap. We needed to rest up a bit before we all went up to the play yard that evening. But I had a great time; I do love going to TSC!

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