Cochise Goes to the Vet

Cochise, on bacon
Cochise tells the tale

After NiceLady left us to go off on her daily all-day-long-car-ride, HairyFace put my harness on me.

Blondie Bear and I got excited because that means we’re going off-property.  I don’t need to wear the harness when I’m in my yard, just to go out on a leash.  My muscular neck is bigger around than my head, so no collar will keep me securely on a leash if I want to get off.  The harness does.  Looks cool too: like a biker-dog.

Blondie Bear got upset when Hairy told her she needed to stay home.  She huffed and harrfed at us while Hairy and I went out and loaded into the truck.

When we got to the end of our driveway, we turned right, not left: we were not going to the trash place … where were we going?  The drive-through cookie store?

CEDARWOOD! Yay!  I started talking at Hairy as soon as he pulled into the hard black yard in front of my doctor’s office.

I could see Lavonda through the big front window and started yipping and talking, “Hurry up, hurry up, I want to go in!”

But Hairy took me around to the grass first so I could pee.  That’s always a good idea before I go inside.  Sometimes we have to wait a while because they’re busy.  I can hold it, but I get uncomfortable.

But when we got inside I rushed to the counter to say “hello” to my friend, Lavonda. We had a nice chat and she gave me a treat.

Then HairyFace asked me to sit real still on that really squat table by the door until the numbers on the wall stopped changing.

Angela, my Vet Tech today, showed us into a little room, and I grabbed the big chair to wait in: I AM the BigDog after all!

We did not wait long at all.

Angela and Dr. Sandra poked and looked and did strange things to me, but none of it hurt and they were very nice to me, so it was all good because … I got treats!

When the excitement was all done and we were headed home, I was feeling a little tired.  I’m supposed to help Hairy drive the truck: I make sure he doesn’t make any wrong turns.  But I was getting sleepy …
Maybe I could close my eyes for just a moment …

The next thing I knew we were home and HairyFace was unfastening my safety strap and hooking my leash back on.  I guess he found his way without me.  I’ve taught him well.

We went into the house.  The Beagles went out to play.

Blondie Bear came and sat by me, “So … where’d you go? Did you have fun? I wish I got to go too.”

I told her all about my visit with the doctor, but I played down how fun it was, I didn’t want her to feel bad.  She is my best friend after all.

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