Cochise’s Really Fun Day


Cochise tells the tale

WOW! What a fun day I had with HairyFace.

It started with a truck ride: I LOVE truck rides!  We went to Tractor Supply Co. in Newport. When we got to the store the doors slid open and I backed away. Hairy tried to get me to go in, but I started talking to him in my deep growly voice: (rowr, rowr, rahr, grrow) and turning to go down the sidewalk. He finally caught on: I needed to pee and didn’t want to go in the store until I took care of that. I wouldn’t want to get excited and have an accident. We went down to some bushes, I relieved myself, and was ready to go inside.

The ladies at the check-out counter gave me some yummy treats and fawned over me. I ate that up of course. As we went through the store I bounced up to some people we passed and said, “Would you like to scratch my head? It’s really fun, you’ll like it!” Most grinned and scratched my head, One got big round eyes and backed a way. Must have been a cat person. There wasn’t any real issue, Hairy had me on a real short leash and wasn’t going to let me get close enough to jump up on anyone.

Cochise at TSC counter fun dayWe got our supplies, I stood up at the counter and watched as they rang us up (they laughed and gave me more treats) and we loaded up into the truck.

Next we went to the drive-through cookie store and saw Pam Athebank. She and Hairy exchanged slips of paper (I never have figured all that out) but she also smiled at me a lot and said, “What a handsome boy you are!” And she put a peanut butter cookie in the drawer for me along with Hairy’s papers.

Then we went to see Dr. Sandra at Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital. She poked and prodded and felt me all over. She listened to my insides. She stuck me with needles too (I didn’t like that). Once she sucked out blood (that hurt), twice she pushed some stuff into me. But I was very good and I got lots of treats for being cooperative.

Best of all is that when I weighed in, I’m down to 85.1 pounds: my ideal weight! Dr. Sandra was so pleased with me for losing 20 pounds since my last annual exam. HairyFace says that’s partly due to the thyroid medicine I’m taking, but it’s also because I do a lot more running in the yard now that I feel better.

Cochise talks about fun day

And because Hairy starves me.

When we got back home I got to lay on the stone plank out front in the sunshine and rest up. And I *needed* to rest up after all that excitement! That was a really fun day! Even the blood sucking part wasn’t all that bad.

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