Comfy Dog Bed for Christmas

Cochise, on the new dog bed
Cochise tells the tale

HairyFace’s sister sent our family a Christmas card that included a Petco gift card and instruction to get us doggies something nice for Christmas. Hairy went shopping. He found himself looking at snuggle beds and decided to use the funds to get me a really nice orthopedic dog bed (figuring that, like each dog bed in this place, it would get shared and used by all four house dogs). He explained to NiceLady that he chose that one because I am 8 years old and my joints are getting cranky, especially in this cold, damp weather. A feeling he understands all too well! This bed is built to relieve stress on my joints.

dog bedThe new dog bed arrived in a box SO big there was no reasonable way to set it aside for Christmas morning, so he unpacked it and set it out in my place in the sleeping room. He then moved my old bed to Josephine’s spot as an upgrade for her – which she appreciates – and moved her old dog bed out to the picture-box watching room for sun snoozing, which all of us appreciate.

I sniffed at the new dog bed a moment then crawled right into it and was SO happy! It’s SOOOoooo cushy (but not squishy) and comfy! HairyFace could not entice me to come out of that bed until dinner time.

conspiring to nab new dog bedBuddy wandered back and told me that Blondie Bear and Josephine were out in the picture box watching room whispering to one another in a conspiratorial way. He heard something about confiscating the new bed. I’d best watch my back — and my bed!

Blondie snatches Cochises new dog bedAfter dinner Blondie scampered to the sleeping room and took over the new bed. So naturally I sat nearby and grumbled at her in my deep, rumbly voice, “MY bed. Get out. Not fair!” I moved over to Blondie’s bed and continued my attempt to get her to see things my way.

jealous over new dog bedBlondie just ignored me. She didn’t argue, just pretended she didn’t hear me. Blondie is my adopted sister and best friend so I wasn’t about to use force, but I’d hoped she’d respect my position here as The Big Dog.

The Peoples even tried to bribe her to come out so I could get back in it: but she wasn’t having any of that! Nice lady decided to console me with a blanket, warm from the hot box.

Over the past couple of days this scene has been repeated and flipped often as the two of us vied for occupancy of this wonderful bed.

This morning NiceLady handed Hairy her credit card and said, order another of those beds while they’re still on sale (this bed was listed as 50% off the original price). All this money stuff makes no sense to me, but HairyFace says this bed is worth every bit of what he spent: memory foam bottom pad, tear resistant outer covering, plush, fleecy inner liner. If he says so, then it’s so. All I know is that this bed is SO comfortable that I just LOVE it! And in a couple of days Blondie and I will each have one. No more arguing over this one.

Buddy's deep dish dog bedJosephine is happy with getting my old bed: which was her favorite, and was bought new about a year ago. Buddy has a deep-dish snuggle bed all his own that NiceLady bought when they adopted him a few months ago after fostering him through surgery recovery. Buddy loves his bed, so we all are comfy and happy, and spoiled rotten which … is as it should be!

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