Dog Bed Repair: Man Style

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Every once in a while, the dogs get revved up because something exciting is going on outside and I’m not in the house to calm them down (because I’m part of what’s going on outside). When they get all wild-eyed they sometimes decide they need to “kill” a dog bed. The damage is not intentional. If they flap a blanket, damage is minimal. Flap a dog bed and it tends to tear the cover. Once the cover is torn, stuffing pops out. Once stuffing pops out, everyone *needs* to help pull it out. There is just something about dogs and fiberfill!

Callie earns bedroom sleeping privileges.

This is mostly Callie, but Blondie sometimes gets into it too. Callie is usually very good to her bedding, but when The Beagles get nusto and run through the house Barroorooing, that gets Callie excited too — if she’s loose. When crated she sits calmly and watches them. So if I have to leave the house for more than a couple of minutes, and can’t take them out with me, I crate Callie and Buddy. The rest will be fine.

When a bed gets torn, the proper thing to do would be to put the stuffing back inside and sew a patch over the hole. But I don’t even know where the needles and thread are kept, much less claim to be adept at using them. So I use the skills and materials I do have:

Duct tape to the rescue!
Dog bed patch: man style.

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