Foster Dog Notes December 8th, 2018


Since his arrival, Rebel refused to eat much of anything.  Often, what little I did get him to consume came back up and the vomit was bight yellow.  That’s bile.  Bilous vomiting is usually the result of an inflamed stomach lining.  There are several reasons why the lining would be inflamed, but often it’s just that the stomach has been empty too long.  The remedy for that is a carbohydrate rich food — such as rice. I tried everything I could think of with no success.  Linda Daniels pointed out that Huskies don’t like “mixed” foods — like people who can’t stand having foods on a plate touching each other — so we tried some plain boiled chicken breast.  We had some success with that, but not enough.  On November 30th it was time to take him to the vet..

Rebel spent 5 days at Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital getting some intensive care.  When he came home on Dec 5, he was again eating (voraciously) and gaining weight.  On that day he was up over 51 pounds.  He needs about 15 more, but it’s a great start!  Since then he has been eating regularly and eagerly.

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