Foster Dog Notes for May 27, 2019

Little has changed in the past week.


Rocky is doing better at leash walking, he is now consistently able to walk a full circumnavigation of the play yard without needing serious coaxing. He does tend to watch my hands and the treat bag all the time. But that’s okay.

Rocky is still keeping his kennel clean, preferring to poop in the yard. He will be transferring to another Steele Away Home foster for formal housebreaking early in June; once her foster dog has gone out on the rescue run.


Blaze has lead the charge in munching down my berry bushes. I grow blueberries, blackberries, Boysenberries, black raspberries, and red raspberries. These grow in a berry patch in the play yard and have gone mostly unmolested by the dogs until now. Blaze decided that the ripe red raspberries were a refreshing snack, then he started on the others, and now is chewing on the unripe blueberries. Rocky and Sable are following his example. This is rather distressing since they are eating the bushes as well as the berries. These doggoes seem to think they’re GOATS!

Plans are afoot to erect a fence around the berry patch, but finances prevent me from doing that right away.

Blaze has not made any headway on potty training.


Sable has made a little headway on the “don’t poop in your kennel” issue. Normally I find she’s soiled her kennel only on the first visit of the morning. If I were to go let her out right before bedtime (as I do the house dogs) she’d probably make it.

She is also a little calmer during our “just us two” time. During open play times she still gets revved up and tends to treat me the way she plays with the dogs. She likes rough play.

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