Great Leaping LunaFish!

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When I clean Luna’s kennel I put her on a 20 foot steel cable tether to keep her from going over a fence while I’m busy cleaning and not able to watch her closely.Today there was something up in the woods above our house that had all the dogs revved up.  Especially Luna.  She was leaping like a hooked game fish.  The picture angle makes it look like she’s standing on the timbers, but she’s not.  I marked her starting position for this standing leap.

When I was done cleaning kennels things had calmed down so I took Luna out for her potty run.  She won’t “go” in the play yard, she has to be in the trees.  This seems to be something drilled into her by her former family, “Do not defile the children’s play yard.”

We encountered what it was that had them excited: a grey and white, stump-tailed cat with a permanent “so what are you going to do about it” expression on his face (he or she is one of a burgeoning number of feral cats in our area) was crouching in the leaves not 8 feet from where we were walking.  Had it not moved, I think Luna would have missed it entirely, but it spooked when I looked at it and it went a ways up a tree then leapt off deeper into the woods, Luna took off after it and took my arm with her.

I got her back to her kennel using just the one remaining arm and am now in the process of gluing the missing arm back on.  Man that hurts.

Notation for her resume: NOT cat friendly.  I don’t now that she would have hurt it, but she definitely chases cats.

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