Jasper Is Eager To Step Up

Volt is on The Bus and rolling toward Pennsylvania and the Fur Friends in Need rescue that will help him find a loving forever home.

Blondie-Cochise sticking close together 3Blondie and I have been kind of sad about his departure, so we’ve stayed close to one another all day long. Jasper would like to join in on our “togetherness”.

While HairyFace sanitized Volts crate, Jasper watched closely, “Volt’s gone, so that’s going to be for me, right?” Every time Hairy headed for the house, Jasper got all excited and started running vertical laps. He hasn’t done much of that for a while. He’s really eager to take Volt’s place as House Dog Apprentice.

Jasper-Blondie try out dog cabin (3) Jasper and Blondie have been hanging out together when Jas gets his play times. I think Blondie has been filling his head with hedonistic stories of what life as a house dog is like. Well … it IS pretty cush for US, but we’re tried-and-true professionals. He is not going to get our level of indoor freedom for quite a while. That has to be earned. I think Blondie is getting some pay-back for when Jasper used to torment her during play time.

Jasper got his shot this evening after late play time. The Peoples found a time when Blondie and I were otherwise occupied and brought Jasper in for a tour of the house. This is a VERY closely supervised tour because they have to assume Jasper has NO housebreaking training. He walked around and sniffed everything. He stopped a couple of times to investigate the crate HairyFace set up for him, even went inside to check it out.

Then he found the hoofie stumps Blondie left laying near our resting pads and snatched one. His crate looked like a good place to chew it in safety.

Well, I WAS hoping to have the house to ourselves for a few days. But … that’s the life of a mentor dog.

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