Late Night, Lazy Dogs

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

We are all lazy this morning. All us dogs are anyway. The peoples are up and about their usual tasks.

They did not stay up until the wee hours of the morning watching election results like some Peoples did, but their regular bed time of 10:00 still feels like 11:00 because of that Daylight Silly Time thing. And because Tinker decided he needed to go out to pee at 2:30 AM.

Normally Tinker tap dances in the hallway until Hairy hears him and gets up. That wasn’t working this morning so he took a page from my book, came into the bedroom to look around the corner and softly said, “Rowr, rar, rar, rar.”

That did it. HairyFace knows that expression to mean, “I need to pee, come open the door.” So he hopped out of bed and was a little surprised to find Tinker standing there looking at him instead of me. But open the door he did, and Tinker ran out into the dark to relieve himself.

That done, they both went back to bed until just before 4:00 when Hairy got up to study.

He went to flip on the coffeemaker and his moving around woke Fido, who sat up and whined at him. “No, not yet little buddy, go back to sleep.” And he did. Fido is a good boy and is learning the routine.

When NiceLady got up we all said, “good morning” to her and started going outside to pee. This was complicated a little by the fact that it was now sprinkling. Blondie flatly refused to go out in “the rain”. Hairy used a leash to take Fido and Millie out because Tinker and I were both outside. By the time he’d finished with the little dogs the rain had stopped and he coerced Blondie to come out too. Once all of us had been out, we all got sticks for being good.

Tinker was hungry this morning and went to his blanket as soon as Hairy began to cook. When he got his dish, he didn’t eat very much. He said, “Too many kibbles: just give me a bowl of chicken.” Hairy has been mixing half chicken-n-rice with half kibbles for his meals. But Tinker dislikes kibbles and will pick around them as much as he can. If he can’t, he’ll just walk away.

After breakfast NiceLady said goodbye to us and went off to earn kibble money. Hairy settled in to work in the den, and we … well, we did this:

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