Lulu is Still Hopeful

Cochise, on
Cochise Tells the Tale

Wednesday evening Lulu ripped a hole through the side of her wire crate to free herself from its confines while NiceLady and HairyFace were Lulu Crate Damage 160729 away. Since then she’s stayed in her kennel outside when the Peoples have to leave. But the crate was still her bed at night, they just turned the hole to the wall.


Thursday night NiceLady decided to see if Lulu would sleep in a snuggle bed so they could dispose of the crate. She enticed Lulu into the snuggle bed (adorned with a pillow from her crate), got her to lie down, and gave her a goodnight cookie. As Lady went around the Peoples bed to get in on her side, Lulu hopped up and pranced down the hallway. Lady called, “Lulu, come here!”

Instantly Lulu was standing on the bed between NiceLady and HairyFace wearing a hopeful grin and tail wagging like mad.

“NO!” they said in unison. “Get down.”

Lulu refused, still hoping to coerce them. “But you SAID ‘Come HERE’: I’m here.”

So it’s back to the crate at night time.

Once she gets the idea of bed time, we’ll try a snuggle bed again. Lulu just has her own ideas about how things should work.

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