New Dog Bed Pads

Last Thursday Marie completed a project she had begun some time ago: making some cushy pads for dog beds or dog houses for the outside dogs.  These are two sided with batting in between like a quilt, but not quilted.  She used normal fabric for the coverings, which may not last long.  But she said, if they get some enjoyment out of them for a while it will be worth the effort.

When I set up Faith’s dog house I put the blankets she had in there already on top of the new pad for extra cush, and to protect the thin fabric of the new pad.  I think she liked it.


Later, Marie went to visit with Fredia Haley, owner of Foothills of the Smoky’s Quilt Shop.  Marie and Fredia had been talking dog beds for a while and Fredia donated to Piney Mountain Foster a bolt of sturdy upholstery fabric that will make many, dog pads that will stand up to use better.  It’s even a great color for us!

Thank you Fredia!

Fredia saves fabric scraps for us to use as bed stuffing, but someone in her shop keeps throwing them out.  (pout)  But we appreciate Fredia just the same.

I put one in Rosco’s dog house too, but no sooner did I get his kennel door closed than he was in there shredding it.  So his lasted maybe 40 seconds.  Faith’s went several days before she started chewing the corners, and I suspect that was because she keeps her chew toys gathered in her dog house since I started putting blankets in there.  She was probably chewing a toy and the pad got in the way.  Once fiberfill peeks out dogs tend to find it great fun to pull that stuff out.  She unstuffed a handful of it.  I cleaned that up and wrapped the white blanket around the damaged end of the pad and she’s left it alone since.

Major’s pad has one small hole in because he plays with it a little, but he has not tried to unstuff it.  Major seems the most civilized of the whole lot:  keeping his kennel pristine and taking care of his comforts and toys. He was pleased to get it too (see the video above).

I’m sure Marie will be putting that bolt of fabric to good use, especially as the weather turns colder and having an insulated pad to sit on will feel great for them.

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