Road Tripping with Cochise

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Hi again, Cochise here. Hairy Face, Nice Lady and I went on a road trip today. Lady wanted to go to Jefferson City and visit the only Wal-Mart in our region that still stocks fabric. She wants to make a new bed skirt and curtains for their bedroom and does not like ordering fabric off the internet. Fabric is something you need to see and feel before buying to know if it’s what you want. At least, that’s what she tells me, I wouldn’t know; any old blanket makes me happy. Unfortunately when we got there she found that this store too has eliminated the fabric department: that’s Wal-Mart for you.

Hairy and I didn’t go into Wal-Mart; we found an oasis (round patch of grass with a tree on it) in the asphalt desert where we sat in the shade and had a great time watching all the people scurrying to and fro. Hairy behaved very well. So did I. When Lady came back I hopped right back up into the truck and was ready to ride some more. I love riding!

I have been in the truck many times; I go with Hairy when he makes the weekly run to the dumpster heaven to get rid of trash and recyclables. Normally I ride shot-gun and enjoy the view from the passenger seat. Although tethered, I sometimes have a bit of trouble keeping my balance on our winding mountain roads. But I have learned to sit sideways and lean back against the seat when the road gets challenging. But today Lady was riding shot-gun.

dogs, riding, truck, road trip,I got to like riding in the “extended cab” part of the truck. I can still stand up between the seats and see out the front. The Peoples direct the air from the center dash vents toward me and the wing windows in back are open so I get a good sniff of what’s around. When I get a bit tired I lay down and rest my head on the center console arm rest; resting but ready for action if needed. When I get really tired, I curl up on the pillows Lady put in the back for me and take a quick nap. Once I’m refreshed I’m back standing between the seats checking things out and making sure Hairy is doing it right.

He did pretty good too. The only time I got irritated about anything was when someone would pass us. “Come on Hairy, that one’s hauling a Trailer for crying out loud; give this thing some gas, don’t let them do that to us!” I’m definitely a race fan.

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