Creo Terrhund: Notes on a foster dog

Creo’s is a strange and unhappy tale.  We’re trying to give him a happy ending.

Last Updated: July 14, 2020

Base Info:

  • Arrival date: June 5th, 2020 (remote foster home)
  • Breed: Black & Tan Hound / Terrier mix
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Youth, Adult, Mature, Senior
  • Birth: 3/11/2016
  • Weight: 49 Pounds
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • General Health: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor
  • Temperament: Devoted, protective, active
  • PetFinder Listing: 48152661
  • Departure date: July 13, 2020


Creo came out of a hoarding situation created by a mentally handicapped man.  He was abused in ways we can’t even describe.  Yet, Creo so desperately wants to be loved that he will follow his people around all day.  He climbs out of an outdoor kennel, not to run off but so he can go sit on the porch and wait to be let in with his family.  He needs socialization so he does not see all visitors as a threat to his family.  He lived in a foster home, but it was remote and isolated, he became too protective.  He lived in a shelter and was allowed to wander the halls during the day to meet new people.  That was nice, but being shut up in a kennel and “abandoned” at night stressed him out and he began behaving unpredictably, nipping a couple of people.  They were going to put him down.  We pulled him to give him one last chance.

Creo’s Progress Summary:

Detailed notes on this foster dog’s progress are posted below the summary.

Relational Behavior

  • Relates well to other dogs: Yes
  • Can eat food/treats near other dogs: Yes
  • Preferred style of play: Romping
  • Is affectionate: Yes
  • Is good with:
    . Men: Fears men, especially in hats
    . Women: Yes
    . Children: No
    . Cats: Yes
  • Jumps up on people: No
  • Mouths: No
  • Walks well on a leash: Yes

House Dog Training

  • Willingly enters his crate: Yes
  • Is calm/quiet while in crate: Yes
  • Understands going outside to potty: Yes
  • Alerts me of need to go outside: Yes
  • Is destructive of bedding and/or toys: No
  • Refrains from kitchen counter cruising: Yes.  Will sit and wait patiently as Fridge is opened to get a treat.
  • Stays off people furniture: No (sleeps on the bed or floor)

Terms and Process of Adoption:

  • If local you may arrange a meet-n-greet.
  • Submit a completed Adoption Application (PDF form, print, complete, return).
  • Contact information for your veterinarian is required and we will do a reference check.  We do not adopt to people who neglect their dog’s health.
  • An adoption Contract must be signed by PMFC and Adopter.  This is a legal document and an actual signature is required.  If the form must be mailed back and forth, allow time for that to happen.  Electronic PDF is allowed if you can print/scan.
  • Adopter arranges transport if needed.  We have worked with PETS LLC and HEARTS LLC (fees are paid to the transport service).
  • Adoption fee is $150.00


  • Comes when called: Yes
  • Sits on command: Yes
  • Down / Off: No
  • Shake / Paw: No
  • Kennels on command: Yes


  • DA2PP: 1/13/2020 (F.A.S.)
    . Booster: date (by)
  • Bordatella: 1/13/2020 (F.A.S.)
  • Wormed: Date | Product | Dose | By
    . 1/13-15/2020 Panacur 9.2 ml F.A.S.
  • Rabies: 02/03/2020 (U.T.C.V.M.)
  • Microchip: yes (Datamars – not registered)
    To register:
  • Spay/Neuter: 02/13/2020 (U.T.C.V.M.)
  • Heartworm Test: 03/10/2020, Negative (Claws&Paws)
  • Flea/Tick preventative:
    . 3/11/2020 K9 Advantix II
    . 5/13/2020 Bravecto, 2.14 ml
  • Heartworm preventative:
    . 3/10/2020, Heartguard,
    . 6/10/2020, Heartguard,
  • NOTES:




In chronological order, newest at the bottom.

Progress Updates

Progress notes are listed below, in chronological order, newest at the bottom.

June 23

Creo is in foster with Gwen, who has been caring for him since he was brought into the local animal shelter, along with several other dogs, and surrendered by a man who (according to shelter staff) was beating the dogs with his hat.  Creo is, therefore, skittish around men, especially men with hats.  He does fine with women.

Creo is learning his commands.  He is house broken, and is generally obedient.

July 13, 2029

Creo was adopted by a Veteran today.  Their meet-n-greet went very well with Creo being uncharacteristically accepting and attentive of the older gentlemen.   Congratulations to Dennis for arranging this great match!

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