Triple Dog Trash Run

Cochise, trash run
Cochise tells the tale

Every Saturday morning, Blondie and I accompany HairyFace on the weekly trash run to the Convenience Center to dispose of recyclables and household rubbish. It’s something we always look forward to and get excited about. Volt has not been able to go with us because there is only so much room inside the little extended cab S10 pickup that Hairy uses to haul trash (and dogs). NiceLady tries to distract him with a treat and attention as we load up and pull out, but Volt often cries and bays his disappointment. When we get back, he meets Hairy at the door and prances around, “My turn, my turn, take me for a ride now.” Sometimes Hairy has business in town and will take Volt with him as he heads that direction.

Judging by the way all three of us were getting excited when HairyFace started loading bins into the truck, it was obvious that Volt was not to be denied. Hairy decided to try something. He thought, “If I scoot Cochise’s seat way forward to make more room behind it, maybe Volt and Blondie can both fit back there.” HairyFace doesn’t like to do that because that puts me real close to the windshield and even my safety harness may not keep me from hitting it in a sudden stop.

We popped down to Hairy’s Mom’s house to pick up her trash and when Hairy got out Volt decided he’d claim the empty seat, but he also gave it up when Hairy came to get back in. He knew he cannot drive the truck, so we needed Hairy: it was best to let him back in. Once we got going, Volt and Blondie divvied up the rear space equitably and we all fit nicely.

After the trash run I always take up position on my “observation tower” on the front porch. That is something I used to do all the time before we got a fenced play yard. Since then, it is a special Saturday treat for me.

Volt went back into the house with Blondie, but he danced merrily around NiceLady saying, “Finally, finally, finally … I’m part of the family.  I got to go with Cochise and Blondie!”

He’s been on plenty of truck rides, and he rides well. But it’s always been just him with HairyFace, and sometimes NiceLady. I had no idea it meant so much to him to go on a ride with us. I’m glad we were able to make the big lug so happy. He’s a sweet fella and deserves all the happiness we can give him.

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