Twas a Dark and Rainy Morning

Wants out on a rainy day
Kathy sitting at the door asking to be let outside.

Kathy (the new little foster dog) wanted to go outside this morning, in the dark and in the rainy weather. With her it’s hard to say if she needs to go outside because she needs to “go” or because she wants to play around and hunt. She had been living the free-and-easy life for a while, just doing what she wanted when she wanted because no one was looking after her.

Marie let her out.

Kathy is the smallest dog we have fostered. I have been adamant about going out with her when she went, to keep an eye on her. I’m not at all certain she can’t squeeze out through gaps between gate and post in the fencing. Marie did not go out with her and I was contemplating whether I should put shoes on and go out after her — in my pajamas, in the rain. I decided since it was rainy, she probably would not stay out long.

Kathy has not shown any interest in testing the fences or finding escape routes, so it may be that I’m just being paranoid. But she is so small that the thought of her getting out and becoming a snack for something larger or being run over just makes me sick. There are several large dogs running loose in these parts as well as raccoon and the occasional bear.

Then Cochise asked to go out (SURPRISE! He hates going out on rainy days). I let him out with the request that he look for The Little One and bring her back with him.

He too was gone for a while and I was on the back porch, flashlight in hand, when Cochise ambled around the back corner of the house — with Kathy in tow. GOOD BOY!

They both got chew sticks for not making me go out looking for them. Blondie got one too, just because she’s a good girl and we love her.

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