Volt Earns a Table Manners Gold Star

We’ve been teaching Volt that table manners are important for any dog who doesn’t want to eat every meal in his crate. Last night at dinner Volt was again allowed to dine with the rest of us (he’s learning this bit REALLY fast).

table manners
I’ve finished my kibbles, I’ve licked out my bowl, licked my blanket, licked the floor, licked my bowl again (just to be sure I didn’t miss any) … what’s next? Why, HairyFace: you’ve barely even started on yours!
table manners
That looks really tasty, Hairy, I’d be happy to help you with that. But since you did not offer it I will just sit here and be a good boy … if you think you need to eat ALL that food all by yourself.

When he finished his bowl he sat and watched for a bit (hoping the Peoples would share their food with him) then wandered off to find a cozy place to nap. GOLD STAR!

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