Volt’s Excellent Adventure

Cochise tells the tale

On most Saturdays, HairyFace makes a trash run to the local convenience center – that’s a place where trash dumpsters hang-out. Blondie and I always go with him. That’s a law! Or it should be. Volt always wants to go along, but there’s just not enough room for three big dogs (and Hairy) inside our truck, so he gets left at home with NiceLady.

But, today: after the trash run, teh Peoples left US at home and took Volt on a truck ride all his own. And it wasn’t even to a vet appointment!

They took the Go-Really-Fast road into Newport and stopped off at NiceLady’s work. Not so she could work, but to pick-up a load of newspaper that her co-workers had donated to the local animal shelter.

Hairy needed to stop by the bank and do that exchanging-slips-of-paper with the lady behind the big window thing that he does sometimes. Volt was watching all this and the lady inside called someone else over to see him, “Look, it’s a dog with a spot around one eye, he’s SO cute!” When she sent out the papers, she also sent along some dog treats. They do that when one of us goes along. They’re nice ladies.

Then they went to the Animal Shelter to deliver those newspapers, get Volt weighed, and chat with the nice people who work there. Everyone knows Volt and they loved up on him. He eats that up, he’s a lover. Samantha got him a cookie – he ate that too!

Finally, they got to the highlight of the trip …


We really appreciate places like Tractor Supply Company where us dogs are welcome. The Peoples always make sure we are … ummm … controllable, before we go in there. The trip is really more of a reward than a test. But it gives the Peoples a chance to socialize the foster dogs with new people in a new environment. And the TSC employees are always great!

Volts Excellent Adventure 160416 (15)When they got back, Volt told me all about his adventure. I knew just how he felt, I love going to TSC – and I hope they’re planning on taking me again real soon.

Volts Excellent Adventure 160416 (16)When Volt finished telling me all bout it, he went out and told it all again to Blondie. Blondie is more jealous about the whole thing than I am, but she’ll get over it. We DID get to go on a trash run that morning.

So, Volt gets a gold star in his behavior book under Visiting New Places. Way to go Volt, way to go!

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