A Chilly Monday Morning

Cochise tells the tale

It’s Monday. That means the weekend fun is over and a new work week has begun.

Last night HairyFace and NiceLady watched a race, as they often do on Sunday evening, we all ate in the living room and after dinner Blondie and I got special Sunday Treats. This time we got knotty bones. We LOVE knotty bones!

This Monday morning it is chilly. NiceLady said it was 46 degrees outside. I have no idea what that means, but she said it with great conviction, so it must be true. What I do know is that it is unusually chilly. I like that. At least, I like that when it has not been raining. And it did not rain yesterday or last night, so all that was on the ground was the normal dew: the grass is wet, but our feet don’t get muddy.

As it was getting light Blondie and I went out to patrol the yard. We did a thorough job of it. Then we went inside to pronounce the yard safe for habitation and get our due reward.

After breakfast, Hairy, Blondie Bear and I went outside to see Lady off to work. She’s parking over at the workshop now because the four-wheel drive went out and they can’t get the truck up the house driveway. So we go out in the yard, wish her well and loudly escort her as she goes down the long driveway next to our play yard. Once she’s on her way to town Blondie and I go back in the house for a well deserved rest and HairyFace lets Bristol out for a play session. We do this every week day.

Today Bristol was more interested in playing tug-o-war with the sleeves of Hairy’s jacket than in any of his toys, so the session was a short one.

Firewood Pile Begun 150914Then HairyFace got started clearing away space on the workshop porch and stacking firewood for use in the house this winter. The wood is under cover here so it will stay dry and is easy to get to when he needs to carry a load over to the house for the fireplace. When he’s done, this stack will run the whole length of the porch as he carries wood that has been cut and split from the open-air piles where it has been seasoning for a couple of years and puts it up here in the dry.

Bristol snig in his houseBristol helped. Sort of. He did what he could, considering he was back in his kennel. Most of the time, us dogs are not as good at stacking firewood as we are at unstacking it. But he remained interested and offered encouragement for as long as HairyFace was at it this morning. Bristol is a good fellow!

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