All Hail the Chief

Cochise BigDog, also known as Cochise the Amazing Talking Dog passed away on Thursday, May 3rd around 9:30 PM at the age of ten years.

Cochise was a great companion to us for six of those years, an amazing mentor to 63 foster dogs, an effective Guardian of the Realm, and a great ambassador for rescue dogs everywhere, for he too started out abandoned in a shelter, heartworm positive and scheduled for destruction. We saved him then, now it’s time to let him go. Farewell my Bestest Boy, you will be missed.

Best Buds Forever

Cochise is survived by his bonded bestie: Blondie Bear, his Apprentice Big Dog: Josephine (who will take over as Guardian of the Realm), Buddy Beagle, and his beloved Peoples: HairryFace and NiceLady.

Special thanks to Jenifer Parry Steele for suggesting him to us as our first foster dog. To Dr. Sandra O’Connor for taking good care of him while he was with us, along with Chad Chambers, Rebecca Raines, Angela Marie Franco, Lavonda Cutshaw, and Pam Hill who were more than medical support, they (along with Dr. O’Connor) were beloved friends to The Chief. An extra special Thank You to Tessa Des Roches: for her role in his care over the past six years, but especially for driving the animal ambulance and staying with us at Emergency Services for that very long afternoon. Your kindness is so appreciated.

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