Cochise’s Final Expenses Fund

Cochise BigDog passed over the Rainbow Bridge on May 3rd. His final few days involved three trips to Cedarwood Veterinary Hospital, two of them for surgeries, a special purchase of expensive clotting agents, a hasty trip to an Emergency Services clinic in Knoxville, where diagnostics, tests, more drugs, and consultation with an emergency service vet and an oncologist were performed.

Dr. Sandra O’Connor paid the emergency services clinic bill so I didn’t have to deal with that on top of losing our beloved Cochise, for that I am grateful. When everything is tallied up and posted to our account, I expect the charges for all these services will be … pretty high. I have opened a Care Credit account as a loan to pay them.

Over the weekend one of the Rescue people we know through Facebook contacted me and asked if she could help us with Cochise’s final expenses, and if so, how? I honestly had not considered this possibility and wasn’t sure how to go about it. I made a few on-the-fly suggestions, but none were really good ones.

I asked her why she would want to do this? She replied, I am sure people want to help. He brought joy to many people. Made us smile.” Just a few of the other sentiments offered were:

  • City of Newport Animal Control That is so true we r going to miss all the goodies from Cochise big 🐕 and reading all his stories. I especially miss corresponding with him about all the Foster patients that he cared for and helped you guys look after. I always enjoyed getting those messages from Cochise Big Dog. We love you guys, and all the furry babies that you have opened your home to. He will be missed by a host of people that he inpacked and loved. Hugs and support go out to the Bittinger pack.
  • Julie LaFleur Oh Doug and Marie, I am so sorry for you loss, for the loss to all of us who depended on Cochise the big dog to help other dogs find their way. I had no idea he was ill. I was so jealous when you adopted him, yet so glad he had you and you had him. You both gave him the best life possible and my heart is breaking for you two…. Blondie Bear too.
  • Deborah Hilton I am so sadden to hear of the passing of Cochiese Big Dog. I enjoyed all your wonderful stories about him. He is now resting in the arms of the Angel’s. Sorry for your loss.
  • Pascal Robin I am so sorry!!! I loved his stories and his venture in life with you. Now I’m crying for a dog I never met but felt a connection through because you let us in his world. ;-( He did more than some people do in their lifetime. I will never forget him! He is now in a better place although your place was pretty grand too! Fly high Chief!
  • Maria Signore I am so sorry to hear this. I will be forever grateful to Cochise for helping so many fosters, including my Kingsley, learn to be the dogs they were meant to be and in doing so help them to find their forever families. Run free Cochise and peace to you Doug and Marie.

The outpouring of sentiment and support over the weekend was touching. This morning I’ve set things up to make it easy for anyone else who might want to help financially with Cochise’s final expenses to do so. That was on the 7th — on the 9th:

Cochise’s Vet bill
has been PAID!

I went in to pay the bill on the 9th and she handed me an invoice for $26.00 — that’s all that remained of a bill that had to have
been $2,000 or more to start with.
All in two days!

What an amazing outpouring
of support!

Thank You!

Are our Canine Rescue Friends amazing or what!?

Everyone who helps out will receive a postcard size version of Donna Gregg’s excellent drawing of Cochise as a “thank you”. If you use PayPal, please be sure to include your mailing address.

Want to help
save lives?

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