Bath Day in the Dog House

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Today was bath day in the Dog House.

bath day for the dogsOn our property is an old mobile home. It serves as my workshop, storage space, can be used to contain dogs; crated or not, and has an office and bathroom in it. It still has many of the comforts of home because it used to be home. When we moved out and I gutted it to be what it is today, I left the bathtub in the bathroom next to my office. That is our Dog Wash. This saves a lot of wear and tear on the tub and bathroom in our home.

Janet is going to ride The Bus (Rolling Rescue) this afternoon as she is transported out east to find her forever home. But all dogs need a bath before boarding the bus. As long as I was bathing Janet, I figured I might as well bathe all three dogs. Our two could use it too; more so than Janet actually. Janet has a penchant for getting muddy, but her fur seems to repel the dirt and she stays quite clean.

Janet went first. She struggled with me at the idea of getting into the tub, but once there she was very calm and well behaved. She actually seemed to enjoy all the scrubbing – like getting a good scratching all over, except it’s wet.

Then Blondie. Blondie has experienced this before and her Labrador side definitely does not come out at bath time. Her defense is to struggle against going into the bathroom, trying to redirect to some other area, but once beyond all hope of escape she goes limp and becomes a 200 pound bag of potatoes. She only weighs 75 pounds, but she feels like 200 when I have to try to hoist her over the edge of the tub. Again, once in the tub, she stands docilely and lets me scrub her down and rinse her off. It’s amazing how much water her fur holds though, and when the time comes she feels compelled to shake, the whole bathroom and everything is it gets soaked. Especially me.

Janet forced the door open and came back in to see what I was doing to Blondie. I wish I’d had my camera (although even if I did, I could not have let go long enough to set it up and take a picture) because Janet stood on the backs of my legs as I kneeled by the tub and leaned way over the edge, whining and grunting to console Blondie by licking her face while I lathered and rinsed her friend. It was SO sweet! Both are now resting up from their ordeal. Janet in the kitchen with me, Blondie (naturally) next to the bed where Marie is sleeping.

When Janet and Blondie came back to the house they told Cochise what had happened. He disappeared. I need to rest a bit and he needs to think the coast is clear before he’s going to go for a walk anywhere with me. Later… my furry friend… later.

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