NOTE: this is a summary article of the work done in October, November, and December of 2020. More detailed articles (if you’re into minutia) are available in our Random Thoughts blog. Here is [a listing] of those.

kennel front original

The building we’re converting.

The building we’re converting to kennels used to be a garage, then became a lumber storage shed. It needs modification to be truly useful (and comfortable) as kennels for our residents. The first order of business was to build “bedrooms” or interior kennels for each of the outside runs and an ICU room for our serious medical residents.

New empty space
The first step was to sell off the lumber that almost completely filled the building. When the first stack sold I had room to walk and work all along the wall where the new kennels were to be built.
Interior block wall begun
With room to work, I could begin building T shaped block walls separating the interior kennels. To conserve space I used 4″ wide blocks. I started in the back and worked my way outward.
As they were completed I painted them, added guillotine doors to the outside, and built front panels with doors. I built these myself from chain link fencing materials. I also upgraded lighting as I went.
All three regular bedrooms completed. The one in the back will be meshed in between tops of the walls and the loft floor and used if I get a “climber”. The ICU room will be at the far left of the picture, but I can’t complete that room until I do something with that big hole in the front of the building. That is my next project.
Once I’ve sold off all but the last lumber pile, I have MUCH more room to work – and to store stuff. Selling that last one may be tough: it’s strange stuff like Holly. I’ll probably have to haul it outside and restack it on another rack to keep working.

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