Cochise’s Kerfuffle

A few days ago Lancelot and Cochise had some sort of kerfuffle. I have no idea what it was about: they were outside, I was washing dishes. They have always been fine together before. I heard a dog yelp: it sounded like The Chief, I rushed out to see what was going on, but Cochise was already trotting up the ramp to the back door…dripping blood from a bite mark on his snout.

CochiseI cleaned the wound and squeezed some vitamin E into it. It didn’t look to be bad, but he milked it for all it was worth: insisting on having his favorite snuggle bed brought to the living room near me and a blanket hot from the dryer. And the space heater: he wanted the space heater too.

Blondie Bear came in and spent a good deal of time licking his owies for him and snuggling up next to him.

When Lance finally came in, his tail was tucked and his head hung low as he peered at me through his eyebrows; if he looked at me at all. He has been sleeping in another room during the day and the boys have been avoiding one another for days.

Cochise, Lancelot sleepingSince Lancelot has come in the house with us, he and Cochise have slept at the foot of our bed and Blondie sleeps next to my side of the bed (near side in the photo). But since this incident, Cochise insists on having his bed placed on Marie’s side of the bed leaving Lance at the foot of the bed by himself. This is fine except that if Cochise gets up in the night to get a drink, he turns into a big chicken about walking past Lancelot to get out of the room. So he sits at the corner of the bed and whines and talks and grumbles until Marie or I get up and be his body guard while he transits the slot between Lancelot and the dresser.

Today they seem to be working things out. All three went outside together several times this morning and when they finally settled to snooze, so I could work, things were back to normal: everyone bunked in together in one room and in close proximity. Lance is sorry and Blondie has accepted his apology. Cochise is still miffed, but not so much that he refuses to be in the same room.

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