Blondie is Nurse on Duty

Escape artist Blondie
Blondie Bear

This is a guest post by my foster-sister Blondie-Bear.


NiceLady has been sick. I don’t know what’s wrong.  I know she feels bad.  And she falls over when she tries to walk.

Blondie is the Nurse on Duty

I’ve been taking care of her. HairyFace helps: he does the little things like bringing her food and giving her medicine and getting her to the bathroom.  I’m the one who stays by her bed, watching, and thinking good thoughts to help her get better. I’m her nurse.

This morning Lady got out of bed and walked to the bathroom by herself. Cochise and Hairy were in the kitchen. Cochise heard the toilet flush, jumped up, RAN to the bedroom and stood staring at her, wide eyed: “What are you DOING!? You’re not supposed to be up by yourself!”

“It’s Okay, Chief: chill!” I said, “She’s doing fine.”

Grrrumph! “She’s not supposed to! She might get hurt.”

“You’re such a stickler. Lighten up.”

Cochise and I both accompanied her back to the bed. I’m sure we were helping, though Hairy didn’t think so. He said we were in the way, but we helped Lady make it without his help. Okay, she leaned on a wall too.

She could not have done that a couple of days ago. She is moving in the right direction, and I’m sure it’s because of my loving attentions.

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