Drake’s Farewell Party

Cochise tells the tale

Hi, Cochise here.

Drake lounging in the sunshine

It was Drake’s last night with us, he was leaving on the Rolling Rescue trip to New Jersey the next day. NiceLady wanted to do something special for his last night: a farewell party, so she stopped off at a Dollar store and bought a box of glow-bracelets and some little LED, key-fob flashlights with clips on them. She thought we’d do some night racing.

Racing wasn’t in our plan, but we did find some entertaining ways to amuse ourselves as well as HairyFace and NiceLady. Maybe you too.

Drake and Smokey had become fast friends and constant playmates. Being dark didn’t slow them down at all. I got in on it at the end. I’m the really fierce sounding one.

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