Blondie Needs Mud Flaps

Volt Breakfast Super

Cochise tells the tale

It’s Saturday morning so it’s HairyFace’s turn to fix a fancy breakfast. While he was doing that, Volt was being very good; supervising Hairy’s work, but staying out of the way and keeping four-on-the-floor.

When Breakfast was finally ready, so was Volt. “Smells YUMMY!”

It was a nice morning so we all went outside to play in the yard. Blondie has a kind of strange idea about what a Coolaroo is for… it is NOT a trampoline, sis.
Blondie Coolaroo Trampoline
Rain moved in this afternoon. That’s OK. Hairyface says he needs some rain for the lawn.

Cochise Rain Wait
I say it makes a great excuse to stay in and nap.
Blondie Rain Wait
Blondie, however, wishes she could be outside.

Oakley came calling when the rain stopped, so we all had to go out and “greet” our neighbor (by running along the fencing and shouting our joy at seeing him again).

Blondie’s stumpy legs and pounding stride means when she comes in from a muddy yard, the Peoples have to wipe off her belly as much as her feet.  I joke that she needs mud flaps.

Volt has twice the ground clearance that Blondie does, so he just needs his feet dried — but he likes being toweled off and insists on the full package.

Me: I’m light on my feet so I don’t send up such a spray. My belly stays cleaner than Blondie’s: unless I lay down on the mud, and I try not to do that.

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