Hoofie Sharing

Cochise, on DST
Cochise tells the tale

HairyFace broke out a new hoofie. A hoofie is an all-natural chew treat: a cow hoof.  It was Blondie’s turn to get first crack at it. We take turns at one hoofie because even if we each got one, we’d want the one someone else has.  When she gave it up, I took over.

Volt Waiting his turnVolt patiently watched me chew until I decided to go outside. Before I got up I rolled the hoofie over to Volt. He’s being a good boy about taking turns.

Volt was happy to get his turn, and enjoyed chewing until Blondie decided it was her turn again. But she would not take it away from Volt … she’s more subtle than that. We’re very civilized about the whole thing.

Blondie is good at the “Oh, look, what is this?” ploy to get someone to give up what they’re doing and go look.  Then she slips in and takes over the treat or bed, or whatever she was after.  She’s a clever one, that Blondie is!

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